A heathen hearth

The one-eyed god wears horns, because he is a wild god, a living god of the untamed places. He is fury and passion, prophecy and wisdom. Kingmaker, and Kingbreaker.

The goddess of the hearth is a weaver and a sorceress, weaving fates of men and women. And when she walks the earth she carries a sharp blade to cut the heads off her foes for she is mistress of battle and fury like her husband. And together, and it is always them together, they lead the hunt

The god of thunder wields a hammer, for he is a god of craftsmen and farmers. He keeps safe the working man, brings the warming rains to restore the fields, and hallows the homes of men. He is also the bane of ruinous powers, slayer of thurses, demons, and all wild and unclean. Because that hammer is not just a workmen’s tool.

And his friend, his uncle, the god of trickery is a god of change. A god of fire. Like fire, it can burn things away, leaving us bereft of that which we have. But like fire, he pulls out the deadwood and burns the trash that doesn’t serve us. 

When apart they are mighty, the great gods who shape the world. When together? There is no limit to what can be done. The entire fate of worlds has been changed in the blinking of an eye, and fortune itself rewritten when men and women reach out to them.

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