FISTCRAFT! (wait, what?)

You’ve heard of witchcraft, you may have heard of bitchcraft, and you might even play a little minecraft, or starcraft, or warcraft. But….GET READY FOR THE NEW SENSATION SWEEPING THE NATION!


Life getting you down?


Not getting that raise you wanted at work?


Drunken neighbors getting on your nerves?


Run into a neonazi at your local park?


Need a little pick me up in your love life?

FISTCRAFT (with consent!)

Simply ball your fingers up into a comfortable fist, wrap said fist in athletic tape, leather, barbed wire, roofing tar, thumbtacks, rock candy, live snakes, cherry flavored lubricant, an angry badger, or whatever additive you feel appropriate to your situation, scream BOO YA MOTHAFUCKA, and aggressively apply said fist into the soft, meaty center of the problems you need to address. Repeat as often as needed until the problem is solved!

FISTCRAFT, for those not in the mood to fuck around.

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