Orphic Hymn to Hekate

(translation by Adam Forrest)

Einodian Hekatên, klêizô, Trihoditin Erannên,
Hekatê of the Path, I invoke Thee, Lovely Lady of the Triple Crossroads,

Ouranian, Chthonian, te kai Einalian, Krokopeplos.
Celestial, Chthonian, and Marine One, Lady of the Saffron Robe.

Tymbidian, Psychais Nekyôn meta bakcheuosan,
Sepulchral One, celebrating the Bakchic Mysteries among the Souls of the Dead,

Perseian, Philerêmon, agallomenên elaphoisi.
Daughter of Persês, Lover of Solitude, rejoicing in deer.

Nykterian, Skylakitin, amaimaketon Basileian.
Nocturnal One, Lady of the Dogs, invincible Queen.

Thêrobromon, Azôston, aprosmachon Eidos echousan.
She of the Cry of the Beast, Ungirt One, having an irresistible Form.

Tauropolon, Pantos Kosmou Klêidouchon, Anassan,
Bullherder, Keeper of the Keys of All the Universe, Mistress,

Hêgemonên, Nymphên, Kourotrophon, Ouresiphoitin.
Guide, Bride, Nurturer of Youths, Mountain Wanderer.

Lissomenos, Kourên, teletais hosiaisi pareinai,
I pray Thee, Maiden, to be present at our hallowed rites of initiation,

Boukolôi eumeneousan aei kecharêoti thymôi.
Always bestowing Thy graciousness upon the Boukolos.

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